I am Research Scientist at the computer-aided programming research group part of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT.

My research aims to develop neurosymbolic programming techniques to advance our understanding of the world.

Nov 2022: Check out our new position paper: Neurosymbolic Programming for Science

One of my passions is to understand the human mind and behavior in health and disease from a computational perspective. Then, with that progress and knowledge:

1) Help design the next generation of solutions to mind and behavioral disease that affects millions of people worldwide.

2) Help design the next generation of neurosymbolic programming techniques.

3) Work with policymakers to implement science-based public policy reform.

I am fortunate to be the project manager of the multidisciplinary and multi institutional NSF expeditions in computing projectUnderstanding the world through code led by Prof. Armando Solar-Lezama. Our goal is to advance artificial intelligence for scientific discovery.

Our team understanding the world trough code is working on building the future of artificial intelligence for scientific discovery by devising the next generation of neurosymbolic programming techniques. Our methods draw insights from probabilistic programming, formal methods, logic, program synthesis, programming languages and deep neural networks to achieve that ambitious scientific goal. Subscribe to our project mailing list to join our featured talks!

I am also passionate to work with international organizations such as UNESCO, UN, Google Education and IDB to address cultural and gender inequality, and ethical considerations in artificial intelligence education and research, with a focus on Latin America.

I enjoy working with collaborators with expertise on the science of the mind or with a computational background; that are willing to get out of their research comfort zone to explore the different perspectives on which we currently investigate the mind in a unified view, this to drive meaningful research insight on understanding how the human mind and behavior operates. Please do reach out if you share this view! <first last name> @mit.edu

Recent news:

I contributed to the AI governance report 2020 among 52 global experts from 47 institutions. Check it out:

Check out our project Senses and Art. MIT News article of the project conception and history here.

We recently published the book entitled "Impact of Artificial intelligence in Latin America" in collaboration with UNESCO, UN, IDB, Universidad de Buenos Aires and MITEF Mexico. The book synthesizes the learning outcomes of the AI Latin American Summit that we organized in 2020.Download it free here. Book presentation here. (Hosted by IDB in Spanish)

I participated in the Education as a tool for prevention: addressing and countering hate speech expert meeting, organized by UNESCO. Report coming out soon!

I contributed to the MIT Tech Review report: The global AI agenda: Latin America

I contributed to the Rebooting Global Health to Change the Future book

We had a booth at the Tapia conference 2021 to promote our neurosymbolic undergraduate summer research program 2022. If you are interested apply here!

Recent talks:

AI Governance Forum – Building Human Trust in Artificial Intelligence (Video)

Mental health and technology panel (Spanish) organized by World economic forum global shapers.

El Futuro del Smartphone y la Inteligencia Artificial - En Cinco (Spanish)

Latin America AI ecosystem - Women in AI summit

Artificial Intelligence: Transforming The Future (Spanish) - Universidad Sergio Arboleda (Colombia)

Recent awards:

Google Education Award

MIT MISTI Mexico Seed Grant Award

NSF Innovation Award

MIT Sloan Latin America Seed Grant Award

MIT Experienital Learning Office IAP Award: "Mental health, chronic disease and technology for minority populations" project

MIT Picower Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Award



Project Manager, Neurosymbolic programming NSF expeditions in computing

Vice-president, MIT Postdocotoral association (2020-2021) advised by Prof. Maria Zuber

Founder and President, AI Latin American Summit at MIT

Co-founder, Senses and Art

Founding Fellow at AI Talk Live. The initiative brings together USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA)  to engage and inform academics, policy-makers, governments and private sector leaders on evolving AI technologies impacting CALA relations.


You can find my most-updated CV here (September 2021 version).


Before CSAIL I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Edelman Lab at the Institute for Medical Engineering and Sciences (IMES) at MIT. In this lab, I started a brand new project at the intersection of digital phenotyping, mental health and chronic disease.

Before IMES I was Picower postdoctoral fellow at the Miller lab, at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, Brain + Cognitive Sciences department at MIT. Where I worked in developing machine learning models from large-scale neural recordings to obtain meaning in the underlying mechanisms of cognition and memory. This to pave the way for much-needed solutions in brain and mind disease.

Before joining MIT, I have worked on machine learning research in the context of securityhealthcareindoor positioning, and cancer research.

I did my Ph.D. at the University of Manchester in the UK.  My doctoral thesis was on machine learning for gait analysis in the context of security and healthcare.

During my master's degree, my thesis focused on indoor positioning, simultaneous localization and mapping in Robotics (SLAM) and cancer research.

My full and updated list of research publications is in google scholar. If you are interested in any of my research work don't hesitate to contact me at [c]@mit.edu for questions or resources.


I am also the lead organizer of the first Artificial Intelligence Latin American summit held at MIT’s Media Lab on January 21-23 2020. The goal of the summit is to incentivize leaders of the region in government, industry, and academia to invest and develop Artificial Intelligence for social benefit. You can find the videos of the meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ailatinamericansummit. I wrote an opinion article on the motivations behind organizing the summit. MIT News also wrote a story of the initiative.

To find out what I am up to and the things I am interested in, check out my twitter and linkedin.

I love music too: besides loving the new wave of Latin American artists, I also love experimental and creative music that blends the old (Jazz, classical) with the new (electronic, ambient) in interesting and pleasant ways. Some of my favorites artists are Nils FrahmApparatSkinshapeJon HopkinsHelios, and Alaskan Tapes. I also like to tell stories with music.

I am a running, swimming and cycling enthusiast. I have run the Amsterdam, Hanover and New York marathons and several half-marathons around Europe. I plan to run the Tokyo, Berlin, London, Chicago, and hopefully Boston marathons in the near future. You can check out my Strava. I also competed in the London triathlon of 2016 (Olympic distance).

[c] = costillahttps://www.csail.mit.edu/