2020 – 2022

2020 – Present

  • Project co-lead, Senses and Art at MIT http://sensesandart.mit.edu/
    The project aims to alleviate anxiety and depression due to the pandemic. Each path: touch with the Eyes; Feel the Space in Music; and Movement and Emotion, builds awareness and a feeling of connection with others.

2018 - Present


  • Lead organizer, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience: From Neural Dynamics to Artificial Agents mini-symposium at the Society of Neuroscience conference 2019. Collaborating organizations: Gatsby research unit (UCL), Center for theoretical neuroscience (NYU), U Washington, Stanford and DeepMind. Program: http://bit.ly/sfn-2019-ai

April 2019


  • Director, Machine learning for Mexico. Global Mexican talent network (RGMX) I lead a group of Mexican scientists and engineers around the world to work and collaborate in projects related to machine learning. Web: https://ml4mx.github.io/website/

April 2018

  • Lead organizer, First AI-Mexico global symposium 2018 - Machine learning for Mexico. Technical presentations from Mexican experts in Machine learning, based in England, Germany, Netherland and Tokyo. Videos: http://bit.ly/ml-mexico-2018


  • Postgraduate student representative at the liaison committee at University of Manchester. Job included the discussion of issues affecting Ph.D. students with the Head of School at the School of Electronics Engineering, University of Manchester. The aim is to improve the experience of post-graduate students.


  • Lead member, Professional leadership program. University of North Texas. The purpose of the Professional leadership program is to give students exposure to leadership skills needed to be a servant leader in any of their future endeavors.


  • Student advisor, Innovation greenhouse. University of North Texas. Member of the student advisory board. Promoted entrepreneurship and innovation among the students at the University of North Texas.


  • Vice-president, Dallas chapter. Mexican talent network. Facilitated the generation of projects in the areas of business development, global innovation, and education in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.


  • International student ambassador. University of North Texas. Acted as an educational ambassador representing Mexico, UNT & UNT-International to the local community, UNT students, staff, alumni and prospective students.
  • International peer mentor. University of North Texas. Assisted newly admitted UNT international students in their pre-arrival preparation and to help with their transition into their new environment during the New International Student Orientation.


  • IEEE student branch chair, UAEM, Mexico. Managed and organized engineering events and workshops for undergraduate students for the school of electrical and electronics department.
  • Council undergraduate member of the school of electrical and electronics department. UAEM, Mexico. Managed student affairs at the school of electrical and electronics department.