Students research

I have been a research advisor for an amazing group of undergraduate students at MIT over the years. Here are the projects they have focused on:

Project: Digital phenotyping, artificial intelligence and mental health (summer 2020)

Students: Kayla M Villa  and Emma P Tysinger (MIT)

Project: Design of a digital phenotyping platfrom and mobile cognitive games (summer 2020)

Students: Soo Park (Wellesley) and Adrianna D Wojtyna (MIT)

Project: Prediction of mental health states from mobile phone signals (Summer and Fall 2020)

Students: Michael L Hensgen and Omkar P Ghenand (MIT)

Project: Mental health, chronic disease and technology for minority populations (IAP 2021)

Students: Rachel Park, Yan Zheng, Hector Cantu, David Mackay, Maya Abiram, and Tina Chen (MIT)