• January 2021      Mental health and technology – Experimental learning opportunity program (ELO) at MIT
  • January 2020      Introduction to Python and artificial intelligence –Interactivity period IAP MIT
  • May 2019           Artificial intelligence meets neuroscience at MIT http://bit.ly/ai-meets-neuro-MIT
  • April 2019         Computational tutorial: Neural decoding of spike trains and local field potentials with machine learning in python. Workshop at MIT Center for Brain Minds and Machines (CBMM). Video: http://bit.ly/decoding-mit     Tutorial and code: http://bit.ly/bcs-tutorial   
  • April 2018         Alan Turing Institute – April 2018 Data Study Group. British Library, London, UK.
  • Project: Developing fair algorithms for artificial intelligence (Accenture Ltd. Challenge).  Project report: http://bit.ly/turing-institute-report
  • Dec 2017           Alan Turing Institute – December 2017 Data Study Group. British Library, London, UK
  • Project: Can data science help identify potential drivers of extremism? (Cabinet office UK challenge) Web: https://www.turing.ac.uk/data-study-group-december-2017